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Clashes Erupt on Anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos Murder in Exarchia

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Scores of primarily youthful demonstrators who took to the streets of the Greek capital to mark the eleventh anniversary of the brutal murder of teenager Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Athens’ Exarcheia district clashed with police on Friday evening.

Another occurrence of the annual clashes between so-called Anarchists and police forces on the anniversary of this tragic incident, which have somehow become a normalized phenomenon, took place on different streets in the neighborhood of Exarchia.

Most of those who clashed with police officers had their faces covered with black masks and hoodies.

They smashed sidewalk concrete, threw rocks and placed barricades around several streets in the area, before attacking the police with Molotov cocktail petrol bombs.

This year, the orders from the Citizen’s Protection Ministry and police headquarters in Athens were to show “zero tolerance” to violence and incidents that could lead to the destruction of public and private property, and to proceed with the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.

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