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Chief Supreme Court prosecutor requests OSE accidents files of the last 15 yrs

March 13, 2023
Greece, Politics


Chief Supreme Court prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos requested all files related to Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) accidents of the last 15 years on Monday.

Dogiakos’ request was in a letter addressed to Panagiotis Terezakis, OSE interim governor and CEO. It is part of investigations launched into criminal liabilities and chronic problems that led to the loss of 57 lives and the injury of dozens on February 28 at Tempi, when a passenger and a freight train travelling on the same line collided head-on.

As the Supreme Court prosecutor noted, OSE management is required to inform the highest prosecutorial authority on the fatal accidents of the last 15 years, their location, the number of victims and injured, and what happened to the search for legal liability of those responsible.

Dogiakos is also reviewing the case file on the railroad accident at Adendro in Thessaloniki (May 2017), which caused 4 deaths and 10 injuries. Only one of the engineers who survived the accident was brought to trial, and he was acquitted.

Meanwhile, Charalambos Vourliotis, head of the money-laundering and illegal profiteering authority who is looking into OSE contracts for liabilities also related to the Tempi accident, said on Monday that he would review contracts as far back as 15 years ago.

PS chance to learn some Greek: Zήσε, Μάη μου, να φας τριφύλλι·  = I wouldn’t hold my breath

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