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Caroline Crouch Murder: Recording of Killer’s Call to Police Released

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Caroline Crouch and Lydia. Credit: Facebook/Caroline Crouch

The investigation into the murder of 20-year-old Caroline Crouch at her home in Glyka Nera has officially come to a close, with an investigative judge concluding that all the evidence points exclusively to her husband, a 33-year-old pilot, as the person responsible.

In June, Babis Anagnostopoulos confessed to the brutal murder on May 11 in Athens.  Twenty-year-old Crouch was strangled to death in front of her 11-month-old daughter at their home near Athens. Anagnostopoulos initially claimed that the murder was carried out by robbers.

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The 33-year-old has been jailed on remand and has been charged with murder, the killing of the family dog and misdemeanor charges over giving false testimony to the police.

The case will now be considered by a judicial council, which will issue a ruling for the indictment of the suspect.

According to the Athens News Agency, no evidence has been found that implicates any other person as an accomplice in the killing of the 20-year-old British national, who was suffocated to death.

The last items of evidence requested by the magistrate, regarding the suspect’s phone records and information from a Chinese firm that made the security camera in the couple’s home, was never sent, while the couple’s bank records did not reveal anything of note.

Crouch’s murder shocked Greek public opinion. The crime was unique, as rates of violent crime are comparatively low in Greece. The revelation of a marriage to a seemingly nice guy who is actually a monster that murders his mate, has shaken the cultural cornerstone of “a loving Greek family with a devoted husband and father.”

The staged murder began a wave of suspicion and fear across Athens. After six months of lockdown and the easing up of restrictions to combat the coronavirus, Athenian suburbanites in affluent neighborhoods felt vulnerable after Anagnostopoulos accused three masked armed foreign men of the alleged brutal break-in that left his young wife dead and his infant daughter without a mother.

Audio recording of killer calling police to report Caroline Crouch’s murder

On Tuesday, a shocking audio recording was leaked to the press. There, the killer calls the police for help and pretends to have been muzzled by the robbers he had “invented” himself.

In a masterclass of hypocrisy the husband calls the police after he killed Caroline, he moans, whispers and pretends to burst into tears. “Where are you?”, the police officer asks him and he pretends that he can not speak.

“I do not understand what is happening to you?”, the officer insists: “Where are you?” Then he answers: “Glyka Nera” and finally gives the address.

Crouch daughter custody

Meanwhile, the husband’s family has abandoned its right to seek custody for the couple’s daughter, Lydia, that was 11 months old at the time of the murder.

In June, a Greek judge ruled that the family of murdered Caroline Crouch will get temporary custody of Lydia. He also ruled that the parents of Crouch’s husband, Babis Anagnostopoulos, should have access to Lydia during these 30 days.

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