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Bicentennial of Greek War of Independence Gets Flavor of Naples

Bicentennial of Greek War
Naples, Italy’s State Archive, where many of the exhibit’s materials are kept. Credit: State Archive of Naples

The Bicentennial of the Greek War of Independence won’t just be celebrated in Greece this year; it will also be celebrated in Naples, Italy, in an exhibition created by a collaboration of experts from that country, as well as Greece and Cyprus.

The exhibit in Naples in the context of the great national bicentennial will using little-known archival material.

Amalia Pappas, the director of Greece’s General State Archives, and Candida Carrino, the director of the State Archive of Naples, created the exhibition, along with Lorenzo Terzi, Armando Traglia, Haris Hotzakoglou, and Giannis Iliadis. Jannis Korinthios, former lecturer of Greek Studies at the University of Naples, coordinated the exhibition.

Some documents will be exhibited for the very first time ever, shedding light on Greece’s war of liberation from the Ottomans from another point of view, presenting important aspects of the 1821 revolution to a new generation.

Greece’s 1821 revolution from another point of view

The exhibition takes an original approach to all that took place, from pre-revolutionary times to the founding of the modern Greek state and the subsequent administration of Ioannis Kapodistrias.

Utilizing virtual reality and material on the internet, the organizing committee will enable all those who are interested to access the State Archive of Naples and enjoy viewing these rare documents and materials for the first time.

The visitor will get a panoramic virtual tour inside this historic building from the 1500s, where there are also frescoes by Greek painter Velisarios Korensios from Kyparissia, who was active in the mid 16th — mid 17th century.

The exhibition is the result of two years of intensive collaboration between the State Archive of Naples, the General State Archives of Greece and the Society for Cypriot Studies in Nicosia.

The exhibition will be accessible initially online only beginning on March 15, 2021; but hopefully, as time goes on, will be able to be seen in person in the archives of the three countries, if epidemiological conditions allow.

Also, on the initiative of Greece’s General State Archive, the publication of a bilingual volume that will include the catalog as well as selected items from the exhibition from the State Archive of Naples is in progress and will be available for viewers when it opens.

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