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Best Greek Bicentennial Moments of 2021 All Around the World

Greek BicentennialThe Sydney Opera House was the scene of a jaw-dropping display of the Greek flag on Thursday evening as the sails of the building were illuminated in the Blue and White for the Greek bicentennial. Credit: Nick Papas/@PapasFilmPhotography

A list of all of the best Greek bicentennial moments around the world would really be too long to write in one story — celebrating the milestone of 200 years of Greek independence after declaring war against the Ottoman Empire was certainly a momentous and unforgettable occasion.

But here is our version of the most spectacular and meaningful moments that occurred on March 25, 2021, the day that Greece’s War of Independence began 200 years ago.

Despite the worldwide pandemic, Greeks and philhellenes all over the word made wonderful things happen in 2021 — from the military parade in Athens attended by Prince Charles to the boat parade out to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor to the blue and white bedecking the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the home to the most Greeks anywhere outside the homeland.

Grecian Delight supports GreeceSail to FreedomThe Greek flag flies proudly against the Manhattan skyline during the Sail to Freedom event. Credit: Facebook/Ilias Katsos

The Sail to Freedom event, held on Sunday, June 7, 2021, was a gala celebration of the Greek bicentennial, the diaspora and the contributions Americans made to the Greek cause.

New York City’s salute to Greece, two hundred years after its War of Independence in 1821, was celebrated in spectacular fashion, as sailing ships and passenger vessels sailed through New York Harbor to the Statue of Liberty in tribute to the nation and all it stands for.

The visually stunning event, taking place under beautiful sunny skies, was captured by several different camera crews and drones. Sailing ships and other vessels flying the blue and white made their way through the harbor to lay a wreath commemorating the sacrifices of all those who took part in the Greek War of Independence.

Ilias Katsos, one of the organizers of the event, said that it was a “spectacular, and probably the most significant, event, certainly in the U.S. — but maybe internationally around the world — for the Hellenic Revolution of 1821 Bicentennial.”

Archdiocese of the Americas celebrates the Bicentennial with extensive program

New York was also the locale of the Archdiocese of the Americas’ celebration of the Greek Bicentennial, with a special liturgy presided over by Archbishop Elpidophoros and presentations given by prominent Greek-American figures. Perhaps most prominent of all of them was Albert Bourla, the CEO of the Pfizer company, who spearheaded the development of the world’s first coronavirus vaccine.

Boston, home of philhellene Samuel Gridley Howe, celebrated Greek Bicentennial with events on USS Constitution

Greek revolutionThe USS Constitution firing off its cannon. The ship, whose decks were once walked by Kolokotronis and other Greek War of Independence figures, hosted a gala commemoration of the Greek Revolution on March 25, 2021. Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Seaman Matthew R. Fairchild, 140704-N-OG138-866 –

Boston, Massachusetts, a hotbed of philhellenism during the time of the Greek War of Independence, hosted a number of events celebrating the Bicentennial, most of them aboard a wooden warship that once hosted Kolokotronis and other luminaries of the Greek Revolution.

The ship, which was launched in 1797, once hosted this giant of the Greek Revolutionand others when it was moored off the coast of the country during the years of the War. Incredibly, it is still in the water today, in Boston and is still a commissioned warship in the US Navy; its wooden decks on which the great figures of the Greek War of Independence one strode was the setting for gala ceremonies on March 25.

San Francisco City Hall was one of the most spectacular illumination events in California for Greek Bicentennial

Greece BicentennialGreek bicentennial Christos Kampousos, the lone student on the Greek island of Arkioi, celebrated the Greek bicentennial today. Credit: Twitter/Alkiviadis Stefanis

The lone student at a tiny elementary school on the Greek island of Arkioi, near Patmos, celebrated the Greek bicentennial by donning the iconic costume of an Evzone warrior and raising the Greek flag on Thursday, March 25.

Christos Kampousos is taught by one teacher, Maria-Faidra Tsialera, who requested to be transferred to the island although she was brought up in Greece’s second-largest city, Thessaloniki.

She makes it possible for Christos to be able to stay on the island year-round and receive the normal education to which all Greek children are entitled.

In a way, although this was the smallest Bicentennial celebration all year, Christos’ flag raising ceremony represented the ultimate symbol of Greek independence — the willingness to go it alone despite all odds and the determination to show his love of his country and heritage that Greeks are known for all around thew world.

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