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Apple Reveals New iPhone 13 Models with Improved Battery Life

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Apple unveiled the latest iPhone model today. credit: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new models of the latest iPhone, the iPhone 13. The company streamed the showcase live on YouTube to over 2 million viewers.

It was widely speculated in the lead up to the en that the iPhone 13 would come with new and improved camera lenses and features. Cook revealed on Tuesday that the iPhone 13’s photographic capabilities are actually not that different from the iPhone 12, but its battery life has undergone a dramatic improvement.

iPhone 13 includes larger battery and increased life by up to 2.5 hours

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Cook says that the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini come equipped with a larger battery, and the smartphones will last up to an hour and a half longer than their predecessor. The iPhone 13 Pro boasts a two and a half longer battery life.

The various iPhone 13’s also have the same screen size as the 12, with the mini and the regular’s screen measuring 6.1 inches, and the Pro and Pro max’s measuring 6.7 inches. A standout was a new color model added to the iPhone 13 called “Sierra Blue.”

Another crucial distinction between the regular and the mini iPhone 13 and the Pro models is that the latter have three rear-facing cameras: a zoom lens, a wide lens, and an ultra-wide lens, which can render extremely close distnace objects in high detail.

The Pro models also has a feature called the “Super Retina XDR with ProMotion” that improves the user experience of scrolling through the iPhones display by doubling the phone’s refresh rate.

The camera also has a new “cinematic mode” that is capable of keeping moving objects in focus.

The iPhone 13 mini costs $699, the iPhone 13 costs $799, and the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max cost $999 and $1,099, respectively. The release date is September 24th for all models.

The Movement #AppleToo

Apple’s product announcement comes exactly a week after several of the company’s employees launched a campaign called #AppleToo, demanding accountability from the tech giant.

he #AppleToo campaign aims to create a movement for employees to speak out on the marginalization they face at Apple. The employees hope that #AppleToo can lead to greater accountability throughout the tech industry.

To start, the campaign put forth five employee’s descriptions of discrimination and sexual harassment that they faced at Apple. The employees went on to describe how the Apple did nothing to deal with these problems.

Additionally, the #AppleToo posts shared how much of these issues came from higher ups at Apple. For example, some supervisors would not let people of color interview for certain positions. The employees involved in #AppleToo argued that these job candidates had the necessary background for the job. So, some of the hirers from Apple just refused to let these applicants interview because of their race.

In the time since the initiative launched, the leaders of #AppleToo claim that employees have sent in close to 500 accounts of problematic behavior in the company. The #AppleToo leaders stated that seventy-five percent of the stories centered on discrimination. Moreover, nearly half of them described instances of sexism, along with human resources dismissing reports or even retaliating.

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