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After Bears, Deer is Now Spotted Wondering Greek Village

After a bear mother and her cubs were seen strolling the streets of Kastoria in north-western Greece earlier this week, a herd of deer was spotted roaming the deserted streets of a village near Serres, northern Greece.

The beautiful animals are rarely seen in urban areas and were spotted by Christos Xanthakis at the village of Paramotomos.

A mother bear and at least two cubs were spotted roaming the streets of Kastoria on Tuesday evening as the town continues nearly deserted.

The region of Kastoria is home to the largest population of bears in Greece, but it is extremely rare for the animals to be seen walking in the city.

As the planet is entering into increasingly unprecedented territory with lockdowns, quarantines and social-distancing orders, wildlife in towns and cities has already begun to take over what once were the epicenters of human activity.

ncreasing numbers of animals which normally inhabit the areas outside large cities and towns, are now feeling brave enough to explore urban areas, since their unusual peace and quiet seem to offer them a safe environment in which to do so.

Social media is full of videos showing animals taking over towns and cities as a result of the recent lockdowns. While some of the videos are obviously manipulated, most of them are genuine and show how animals can alter their normal behavior in such conditions.

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