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14-year-old boy shoots and injures 10-year-old sister “for fun”

March 24, 2023
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Α 10-year-old girl has been shot and injured with a riffle by her 14-year-old brother while playing in their grandfather’s home in  a village in Amaliada, Peloponnese, on Friday morning.

According to doctors at the Patras hospital where the girl was rushed, she has a serious piercing wound in the thigh and is expected to undergo a surgery.

Local media reported that the children were playing when the brother took the grandfather hunting rifle, a single-barreled shotgun that was lo9aded and shot at his sister “for fun.”

According to information, the fact that the 14-year-old could not raise the rifle  any higher prevented the worst and so the shrapnel from the shot found the girl in the thigh.

Police has arrested both the grandfather for improper storage of the gun and the girl’s brother.

The incident is being initially declared as “accident.”

PS violence among teenagers is getting out of control here in the country. It must be the traumas from the pandemic lockdowns?….

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