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Town of Paramythia in Epirus Bakes Greece’s Largest Melomakarono

The massive melomakarono in Paramythia. Credit:

The town of Paramythia in Greece’s Epirus region prepared and baked the largest melomakarono in Greece and probably in the entire world this weekend.

Melomakarono is one of Greece’s most popular traditional Christmas treats.

The massive melomakarono was baked in a special oven, and it was presented on Sunday morning in the town square.

Hundreds of people went there to see the impressive result and taste it.

The town of Paramythia intends to get an entry to the Guinness World Records’ book of 2019 for having baked Greece’s largest melomakarono that could possibly be recorded as the largest in the world.

This massive Christmas biscuit needed 35kg of flour, 6.5kg of sugar, 18.5kg of oil, 6.5kg of orange and 20kg syrup to be cooked.

No matter how large Paramythia’s melomakarono was, one thing is sure: It was eaten in just a few minutes.

Interested in making your own melomakarona? You can find Nostimo’s recipe here.

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