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Thessaloniki Issues Smart Traveler Card for Sustainable Tourism

In order to help the environment, Thessaloniki has implemented a single tourist card that will also benefit visitors by giving them special travel perks. Photo credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969 /

President of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization Voula Patoulidou, recently signed a memorandum in order to implement a new and sustainable single tourism card.

The contract was signed on Thursday, July 2 along with Director General of the Hellenic Institute Evangelos Bekiaris, as part of a collaboration in promoting a new tourist initiative.

The implementation of the tourist card in Thessaloniki is part of the European Union’s SUSTOURISMO project, which aims to promote a more eco-friendly option of traveling for visitors through the development of special applications.

Travelers will be provided with the opportunity to prepay specific tourist packages, ranging from a variety of options including museums and cultural sites. All of this will be done through sustainable means such as implementing more guided tours.

Under the Center for Research and Technology Hellas, HIT will be providing relevant data and information in regards to tourism services through both mobile and web applications.

Working with the Thessaloniki Tourist Organization, both groups will cooperate together in order to examine how tourists will respond to the newly implemented card.

The data they collect will help to further inform already ongoing-projects and future tourism-related proposals to the EU. A special team of personnel have also been formed with the objective or promoting, planning, and evaluating the effects of the memorandum.

As Greece has reopened its borders to tourists, only time will tell how international travelers will respond to the card, and whether or not it will have success in the industry.

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