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The Greek War of Independence Through American Eyes

Greek War of Independence
The Sortie of Missolonghi by Theodoros Vryzakis. Public Domain

The Hellenic College Holy Cross and Stockton University will celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Greek War of Independence with a special exhibition.

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America will inaugurate the exhibition titled ‘The Greek Revolution Through American Eyes’ on March 22.

The exhibition will take place at the Maliotis Cultural Center of the Hellenic College Holy Cross, Brookline, MA, until October 15, 2021.

The Digital and Physical Traveling Exhibition, ‘The Greek Revolution through American Eyes,’ will open at Stockton University in Fall 2021.

The collaborative project was created by the Maliotis Cultural Center and Dean C. and Zoë S. Pappas Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies of Stockton University.

The exhibition is directed by Dr. Tom Papademetriou (Stockton University) and Dr. Nicholas Ganson (Hellenic College).

The main theme of ‘The Greek Revolution Through American Eyes.’

The special exhibition deals with the common themes that bind Greece and the United States, two nations that emerged after fighting wars for independence.

The main theme of ‘The Greek Revolution Through American Eyes’ is the fight for universal freedom and liberty, won on battlefields with bravery and sacrifice.

The physical exhibit comprises twenty-four-panel displays with information researched by sixteen contributing scholars from the U.S. and Greece.

The essays are included in the Digital exhibit website. The physical exhibition will tour universities and community centers throughout the United States.

Four specific themes

The exhibition explores four themes:

1) Freedom or Death: Greece in the Age of Revolutions,

2) Monroe’s Empathy: Rooting for Greek Victory, Forging a Doctrine of Non-Intervention,

3) Greek Fever: American Philhellenes and the Birth of International Humanitarianism, and

4) 400 Years a Slave: Greek Unfreedom and American Abolitionism.

The exhibition presents the viewer with the Greek uprising as seen through Americans’ writings and actions who supported and fought in the war.

It also allows viewers to consider the formation of U.S. identity in the first fifty years of the nation’s existence.

The shaping of U.S. foreign policy in light of events in Greece and Europe and the issue of slavery that led to the American Civil War are also explored.

The Greek version of the exhibition

There will also be a Greek version of the exhibition ‘The Greek Revolution Through American Eyes.’

It will be a collaboration with the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle and the Laboratory of Narrative Research at the School of English of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The Greek version of the exhibition will be displayed in Fall 2021 in Thessaloniki and other locations in Greece.

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