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The Greek Survivor Who Battled Covid, Flu, and Pneumonia Simultaneously

Alexis Alexiou leaving an Athens hospital after treatment. Credit: Alexis Alexiou/Facebook

Alexis Alexiou has become a global case study when back in March 2020 he battled with the coronavirus, pneumonia, and the flu, all at the same time, and survived.

His experience,  described in a book to be released soon titled “Triple Jackpot”, is an ode to the determination and perseverance he had against all odds.

Alexiou, a music producer, recounts his frightening experience through the pages of his book and sends messages to skeptics and coronavirus conspirators.

“It is my personal testimony that I believe will give an answer to all skeptics and conspiracy theorists, who believe that the coronavirus is a lie and does not exist,” he says at an interview with banksnews Thema.

“I believe that my experience can also be used as a scientific tool because I describe in detail the drugs I was taking and the techniques doctors used,” he adds.

When he was first diagnosed with Type B Influenza, it never crossed anyone’s mind, not even the doctors, that he might have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the same time, he says. “Together the two viruses eventually caused severe pneumonia and my life was seriously under threat.”

3ΠΛΟ JACK POT: 14η ημέρα με γρίπη τύπου Β, πνευμονία ΚΑΙ covid19! Από τις μοναδικές περιπτώσεις στη χώρα μας. Ναι έτυχε…

Posted by Alexis Alexiou on Saturday, March 21, 2020

“Until then I do not remember ever being ill,” he tells banksnews Thema. “I was very healthy, I run Marathons and I never smoked.”

Alexiou says that through his book he wants to send two strong messages to skeptics and conspiracy theorists: Firstly, “the coronavirus exists and is dangerous.”

“The second message I want to send is about the flu vaccine: We all have to do it because if I had done it I would not have gotten sick.

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