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The Breathtaking Greek Village of Theodoriana, Home to a Double Waterfall

Credit: EpirusTravel/Youtube

The breathtaking village of Theodoriana, nestled in the Tzoumerka mountain range of northwestern Greece, looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Surrounded by verdant forests that are flowing with rich sources of fresh water, including a double waterfall, and dotted with traditional stone buildings with red roofs, Theodoriana is the perfect mountain escape.

Credit: EpirusTravel/Youtube

Located in Epirus, Theodoriana is about 80 km (nearly 50 miles) from the nearest city, Arta, and is situated at an altitude of 950 meters (3,116 feet) in the stunning Tzoureka mountains.

Theodoriana, called the “capital of water” locally, is home to rich reserves of pristine running water. Found only a short hike outside of the charming town, the flowing Aspri Gkoura River winds through the forest, eventually creating the Souda waterfall.

Credit: EpirusTravel/Youtube

The river’s waters rush out from the waterfall at two separate points, making for an impressive sight as the sparkling, icy water cascades down to the forest below from a height of 25 meters (about 82 feet).

An old water mill along the river Gkoura looks like it is part of a painting. Credit: EpirusTravel/Youtube

Along the way to the falls, hikers will come across remnants from the village’s history that are no longer in use, including several old water mills and archaic “washing machines” which ingeniously utilized the force of the rushing water to clean clothing long ago.

Agios Georgios Church, Theodoriana. Credit: Arta_of_Epirus/Instagram

In addition to the lush, emerald-green forest and spectacular waterfall, Theodoriana is also home to the breathtaking Church of Agios Georgios, built in the nineteenth century on the site of an even older church.

The picturesque village, with its historic homes perched along the mountainside, is sure to enchant any visitor. In Theodoriana, the wild beauty of the forest meets the traditional Greek village, with cobblestone streets and a charming main square to boot.

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