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Severe Storms, Possible “Medicane” to Hit Greece Later This Week

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Meteorologists predict a dramatic shift in our weather beginning on Thursday, from the current conditions featuring high temperatures and sunny skies to heavy rain and storms throughout the country.

This sudden shift in the weather pattern is occurring just as experts are monitoring the possibility of a rare hurricane-like storm in the Mediterranean, dubbed a “Medicane.”

This type of storm, composed of a cluster of thunderstorms, occurs once or twice a year, although it rarely impacts the eastern Mediterranean.

Like hurricanes, Μedicanes feature strong winds that circle around a center-point, or eye. They are often accompanied by heavy rain. However, they are usually are a great deal weaker than true Atlantic-spawned hurricanes.

These storms usually form in fall or early winter, when waters are relatively warm and provide energy to thunderstorms which are brewing above. The thunderstorms grow stronger from this energy and become hurricane-like storm systems.

Current weather models are showing perfect conditions for the development of a Medicane around North Africa, the south of Italy, and Malta, where there are multiple rain storms currently.

If the larger storm system develops, it is charted to hit Greece’s western coast by way of the Ionian Sea.

Officials urge the public that if a Medicane does hit Greece, it will likely not cause wide-scale damage, but will bring strong winds and heavy rains with it. Meteorologists will have a much clearer picture about the possibility of a Medicane forming by Thursday morning.


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