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PM Mitsotakis Urges People to Get Coronavirus Vaccine Following Thessaloniki Visit

PM Mitsotakis meeting with medical staff in Thessaloniki. Credit: Greek Government

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the coronavirus-ravaged port city of Thessaloniki in Central Macedonia on Saturday, where he urged people to get the coronavirus vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

”It’ll be free-of-charge, it will not be mandatory but we rely on the common sense of our fellow citizens,” Mitsotakis noted.

The Premier visited the ”Ippokrateio” hospital, where he met with nurses and doctors who are fighting the deadly second wave of the pandemic.

The PM admitted that the country’s National Health Service is under pressure, however, he noted that ”it still stands and it will continue to stand,” expressing his gratitude to the city’s nurses and doctors for their tremendous service to the Greek society.

The Premier also referred to the upcoming vaccination against the COVID-19, noting that he expects as many citizens as possible to get the vaccine.

PM Mitsotakis meeting with medical staff in Thessaloniki. Credit: Greek Government

Greece Mulls Lockdown Extension to December 14

In the meantime, the Greek government is considering a potential new extension to the nationwide lockdown until December 14, several Greek media reported on Saturday.

The current lockdown began earlier in November and was scheduled to be lifted on December 1.

However, the government’s spokesperson Stelios Petsas announced on Thursday that the restrictive measures will havr to last until December 7.

Now, and due to the dramatic figures that are being revealed on a daily basis in terms of deaths and intubations, the government is considering yet another extension of the curfew.

The authorities are also worried about the situation in Western Greece, and more particularly the third-largest city of the country, Patras.

Patras celebrates its patron saint Saint Andrew on November 30, and the authorities worry that this local celebration might end up being a super-spreader event, similar to Saint Demetrios’ day of October 26 in Thessaloniki.

The latest figures for Friday showed that a total of 607 Covid-19 patients were intubated in Greece and 101 people suffering from the virus died in the past 24 hours.

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