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One in Three Greeks Say they Will Not Get Vaccinated for Covid-19

Credit: Greek Reporter/ Chletsi Vasiliki

One in three respondents of a survey conducted in Greece say they will not voluntarily be vaccinated against Covid-19, despite the vaccine being made available for free when it does arrive.

According to the survey by polling company Pulse on behalf of on Thursday, 30% of respondents say that they will avoid the shot. Of those, 16% say they will certainly not be vaccinated and 14% say they most likely will not be vaccinated voluntarily.

Overall, 64% of citizens state that they will “certainly” or “likely” receive the vaccination.

The coronavirus vaccination program for the general public in Greece will be on a voluntary basis. A public information campaign will kick off when the shots are made available, aiming to convince a sufficient number of people of the merits of vaccination.

Only through widespread vaccination Greece will reach herd immunity – where enough people are immune to stop the disease from spreading freely.

According to the survey, younger ages are the most skeptical regarding vaccination. Only four out of ten respondents in the 17-29 age group say they will get the vaccination. The acceptance rate increases along with the age group the individual belongs to, as seen in the diagram below:

Greek health authorities announced on Thursday that they had detected 2,018 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours throughout the country, bringing the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic to 99,306.

They also announced that 608 patients are now intubated, which is another new record. Ninety-nine people passed away with the virus in the last 24 hours.

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