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Nineteen-Year Old Dies on Greece’s Chios Island in Tragic Basketball Court Accident

A glass basketball backboard and its steel pole lying on the concrete court where the tragic incident took place. Credit:

A tragic incident took place on Sunday night on Greece’s Chios Island, when a steel and glass basketball hoop and pole fell over onto a 19-year old man from Athens, killing him. The young man had been spending his summer vacation there.

The accident took place around midnight local time in Daskalopetra, on the Eastern Aegean island of Chios.

The young man had been playing basketball with four other friends in an abandoned, open-sided outdoor basketball court.

The hoop and its heavy steel pole somehow became detached from its moorings and tragically came down atop the 19-year old, hitting him on his head. The young man was transferred to the Hospital of Chios, where doctors tried desperately to save his life.

Unfortunately, the young man was declared dead due to the severe brain injuries that he had incurred as a result of the accident.

The local police on Chios have issued a warrant for the immediate arrest of the mayor of the island. It is thought that he may be under investigation for the crime of manslaughter due to negligence.

According to reports, the island’s mayor initially went on his own to the police station. However, he was later able to walk free, as it was believed at the time that the island’s council was not responsible for the area because the local community of Daskalopetra may be wholly responsible for the upkeep of the court.

The public prosecutor on Chios has ordered an urgent preliminary examination into the tragic accident, as well as an expert examination into how the basketball hoop and pole could possibly have become unfastened or unbolted and fallen down.

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