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”Macedonia the Great”: Greece’s New Official Trademark for Macedonian Products

The new trademark which will be used by Greek products originating from the region of Macedonia.

The new, official commercial trademark which will be used for all products originating from Macedonia, Greece was presented during the Thessaloniki Summit on Thursday.

This move is part of 2018’s Prespa Agreement and the resulting implications it caused in commerce, as both Greece and North Macedonia have products being exported around the world using the term ”Macedonia.”

The new logo features a white ”M” against a blue background, two hues which are universally recognized as Greek colors.

The new trademark’s motto is ”MACEDONIA THE GREAT,” reminding all those who see it of the history of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia and its most famous ruler, Alexander the Great.

The trademark will also have specific mottos for specific categories of products. Some of these will be ”Great Tech,” ”Great Land,” ”Great Wine,” and ”Great Food,” to cover the sectors of technology, tourism, wines, and alimentation.

The new trademark will be able to be used by every company in Western Macedonia, Central Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia as well as Thrace.

The new trademark was presented by George Constantopoulos, the President of the Business Association of Northern Greece, and the official ceremony for its unveiling was attended by Greek Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Greece will now submit the trademark to the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante, Spain to safeguard the right to use the term ”Macedonia” for the products which are made in its region of Macedonia.

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