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Inside the Villa of PM Boris Johnson’s Father in Greece

The Irene Villa overlooks the Pelion Peninsula, offering beautiful views to its residents.

Stanley Johnson, the father of British PM Boris Johnson, recently bent travel restrictions by flying to Greece from Bulgaria in order to visit his villa at Pelion, central Greece.

“I’m in Pelion on essential business trying to Covid-proof my property in view of the upcoming letting season. I need to set up distancing measures at the property because they’re taking it very seriously here,” Johnson said, according to British tabloid Daily Mail.

The official name of the property is known as “Irene Villa,” and is situated along the beautiful coastal resort of Horto, a prime location for sweeping views of the land and sea.

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The locale offers both sandy beaches from the Aegean Sea and mountain slopes, as the Pelion peninsula is a testament of Greece’s natural beauty and scenery. During the summer season, various festivals and celebrations take place where tourists can also partake in.

In Greek Mythology, Pelion was known as the land of the famous centaurs as well as the departure point of Jason’s journey with the Argonauts to get the Golden Fleece.

The villa of the Johnson family comes with its very own pool and lounge area for the family to enjoy the quaint views of the peninsula as well as to pass the time.

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As the pool only takes up a small section of the property, it allows for the rest of the natural landscape to further accentuate the villa itself.

The main property itself is also secluded for the sake of privacy, which Stanley Johnson also cited as one of his concerns for visiting the villa in regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

The building is mainly designed with traditional architecture in mind, constructed with cobblestones that gives the structure an earthly tone, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The “Irene Villa” in Horto, Pelion is a beautiful location that is frequented by the Johnson Family. As Greece continues to gradually opens up its borders, many are trying to visit the country in order to enjoy its beaches and amenities.

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