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Greek Sitcom Captivates Diaspora in Germany

Greek sitcom
A scene from the Greek/German sitcom ”Familie Foukara.” Credit: Screenshot from Greek Theater Art’s series on Youtube

A Greek sitcom called ”Familie Foukara”, that was created by Greek actors and actresses who live in Germany, has a new TV series airing on Youtube.

The group called ”Greek Theater Art” created this mini-series with the assistance of Bessy Malfa, a prominent Greek actress.

The series is a fast-paced comedy, with an excellent sense of humor, that shows the intricacies of the Greek community in today’s Germany.

The Story of the ”Familie Foukara”

The series, which takes place in Germany, showcases the character of the inimitable Greek mother, but in a much darker and surreal version of the well-known trope.

Why should you trust everyone, but at the same time, why would you not trust anyone?

Vilma Foukara, played by Bessy Malfa, the main character of the series, has her reasons to be suspicious of everyone.

This is the reason why she constantly creates problems in the lives of others, but at the same time, makes her presence necessary to almost everyone.

The first “victim” of Vilma is her son, Chris Foukaras, a descendant of the wealthy Greek family in Germany, who knows how to live the good life.

Chris, however, faces a crucial dilemma; what is the main priority in his life? Is it just money alone that brings happiness?

What should he prioritize? Love or career? What happens when a simple waitress becomes his closest — and sometimes annoying — friend? How should he react? Is her class an obstacle or not?

Another crucial question that the series explores is what will Asimina, Chris’ friend decide?

What does she really have in mind for him? Viewers will need to find out what the truth is behind her actions.

And this is where Chris’ mother intervenes — of course. Having completely different plans for her son, just like any other Greek mother would, Vilma naturally plays a prominent role in her son’s life.

However, who knows what is better for us than ourselves? Should Chris even listen to his mother?

The Cast

This is the main storyline of ”Familie Foukara,” where love, tension, intrigues, and upheavals, are all intertwined in a very humorous way.

This is also the reason why this new Greek series is guaranteed to make you laugh and possibly even make you identify with one of the main characters.

The full cast of the production includes Béssy Málfa, Giannis Boúsdros, Fotiní Topoúzoglou, María Sirkelídou, Giánnis Róvas, Chrysa Vasíliou, Rafaelia Pangídou, Dionísis Gkenés, Stérgios Ziákas, Marínos Kótsoglou, Réna Márkou, Ioánna Níkou, and Charálampos Moschópoulos.

The writers of the series are Bessy Malfa and Giannis Bousdros.

The series is directed by Stefanos Kontomaris and Bessy Malfa.

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