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Greek Shop Creates Coronavirus-Era Easter Bunnies With Face Masks

Easter bunnies in the coronavirus era. Photo credit:

A confectioner’s shop in northern Athens recently found a way to tweak their traditional Easter chocolate bunnies to reflect the current reality of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The candy store, located in the region of Lykovrisi in northern Athens, is now selling all their chocolate delicacies for Easter equipped with all the appropriate …personal protective equipment!

The creators’ aim in adorning the chocolate bunnies with fondant masks is simply to give people a chuckle and lift society’s spirits a bit at such a difficult time for all of us.

The clever idea will most likely be imitated by many others, since face masks and gloves are necessary and appear to be fashionable now… even among bunnies!

The coronavirus era’s Easter bunnies at a northern Athens confectionery shop. Photo credit:

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