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Greek Police Raid Another Migrant Squat in Downtown Athens

Police on Monday raided an illegally-occupied building in the Exarchia district in downtown Athens, removing more than 100 illegal migrants and refugees as part of a clean-up drive by the government.

The building in Oktaviou Merlie and Prassa Street was once a school and was illegally lived in by squatters for four years.

Photos from inside the illegally-occupied building, which had once been a school

Dozens of officers took place in the raid, including members of the Greek Police’s special forces unit (EKAM).

The Monday raid was just the latest in the conservative government’s crackdown on lawlessness and anarchy in the Greek capital.

Last week, police removed over 200 illegal immigrants, including dozens of children, from two squats in the city center.

Some anti-establishment and rights groups say the operations unfairly target illegal migrant families, which would otherwise be homeless.

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