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Greek Police Find Body in Search For British Astrophysicist on Ikaria

The body of a young woman, believed to belong to missing astrophysicist Dr. Natalie Christopher, was found on Greece’s Ikaria island on Wednesday afternoon.

The body was found in the area called Katafygi, several miles away from the hotel where the British scientist was spending her vacation with her partner.

The gorge where the body was found, is located in extremely mountainous terrain and is reached with great difficulty.

Members of the island’s fire brigade are now trying to recover the body of the unfortunate woman.

Greek police authorities had expanded their search operations to locate the missing British woman on the island of Ikaria, who was spending her vacations there with her Cypriot partner.

Police began searching on Monday, after the woman’s disappearance was reported to the Saint Cyricus Ikaria Police Department by her partner.

Christopher, a British astrophysicist who was a resident of Cyprus, was visiting Ikaria for the weekend with her 38-year-old Cypriot partner. They stayed in the Kerame area, and had been planning to return to Cyprus on Monday.

Reports suggested earlier that a maid from the hotel had told the police that she heard screams coming from Christopher’s room the night before she went missing.

Police also discovered blood stains on the pillow Christopher had slept on, and they have sent the samples to a laboratory for DNA analysis.


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