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Greek Doctor and Philanthropist who Founded MDM Greece Dies

Theophilos Rosenberg
Dr. Theophilos Rosenberg, the founder of Greece’s Doctors of the World, has passed away. Credit: Facebook/Doctors of the World

Theophilos Rosenberg, a Greek physician who was the founder of the organization “Doctors of the World,” or MDM Greece, passed away on Thursday after a short battle with cancer.

Once also the president of KEELPNO during the Syriza administration of Alexis Tsipras, the doctor took part in medical missions all over the world.

Also working as an associate professor at the Medical School of the University of Athens, he also worked for some time at “The People’s Hospital.”

As the president of the Greek “Doctors of the World,” Rosenberg lent his talents during humanitarian crises and disasters all over the globe.

Theophilos Rosenberg, the public servant

Andreas Zanthos, the head of the Health Department of the Syriza party, issued a statement upon Theophilos Rosenberg’s death, which said: “Today we lost another special colleague, collaborator and friend.

“Our beloved Theofilos. A historical figure in the field of Medicine, the University, the Left, humanitarian organizations, solidarity with populations plagued by health crises, the militant defense of the rights of the weak, refugees, the oppressed.

“Having these valuable ‘baggage’, Zanthos noted, “we entrusted him with the difficult task of reorganizing and reorganizing KEELPNO, a body critical to Public Health that had become disrespectful due to decades of administrative corruption.

“He gave a real battle, in an atmosphere of rivalry and sabotage, with vigor, honesty, devotion to the public interest. And, together with the rest of the Administration, he succeeded. The purge was launched and the institutional reconstruction proceeded.

Zanthos went on to say “Thus emerged EODY, and with its own ‘seal’ entered the foundations of a modern and reliable organization for the protection of public health, especially from cross-border threats such as Covid-19.

“We are all grateful to him for his selfless and effective contribution to the moralization of our country’s Health System,” Zanthos noted.

“But above all, we are grateful to Theophilos Rosenberg for the legacy of morality, humanity and dignity he left in public life. Warm condolences to his family and relatives. ”

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