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Greek-Cypriot Student Brings Down Turkish Flag in Occupied North of Cyprus (video)

A Greek-Cypriot student was spotted bringing down the Turkish flag last Sunday from a school in the occupied town of Lysi in the north of Cyprus.

The incident, captured on a CCTV camera, reportedly occurred as hundreds of Greek Cypriots were visiting the town for a liturgy at the Greek Orthodox Church of Panagia (Holy Mary).

The Greek-Cypriot mayor of Lysi, Andreas Kaouris, condemned the incident.

“The love for Lysians [for their hometown] was massively and universally manifested last Sunday, with the arrival of two thousand and more people. In no way it can be overshadowed by any single incident caused by 16-year old,” he stated.

Turkish Cypriot authorities have launched an investigation into the flag-lowering incident, but have not as yet named the culprit.

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