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Greece Starts Relocation of Homeless Migrants at Lesvos

The new transitory camp set up at Kara Tepe. Credit: Greek Migration Service

Greek authorities started to relocate on Saturday migrants and refugees who were left homeless after fire destroyed the Moria camp on the island of Lesvos.

The new transitory camp set up at the island’s Kara Tepe Army firing range can host about 3,000, which means that at least 8,500 more will be left, at least temporarily, without shelter..

All who enter the camp are tested for the coronavirus. Those testing positive and people they have contacted will be led to a quarantine spot nearby.

The new temporaryaccomodation area.

* A temporary accommodation area with Tents, running water, and supplies has been created for you and your children.* Please follow the instructions of the Staff of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum, and the Hellenic Police* Your cooperation is necessary in order to deal with this crisis.* Please remain calm. Help and supplies are on the way. * Mass relocation out of the island due to the fire that destroyed “Moria” camp is not going to happen.* Please don’t believe rumors and information that does not come directly from the Ministry of Migration & Asylum, and the Hellenic Police.* The only reliable source of information is the Ministry of Migration & Asylum, and the Hellenic Police.

Posted by Migration Greece Info on Saturday, September 12, 2020

Migration and Asylum Ministry officials say families and members of “vulnerable groups” will be given priority.

According to reports, many migrants and refugees are refusing to be relocated to the new camp, demanding to be relocated in the Greek mainland, from where, presumably, many will attempt to cross illegally to more prosperous EU countries.

Earlier on Saturday, groups of migrants clashed with Greek police near the migrant camp of Moria.

The clashes occurred when some angry migrants, left homeless by the blaze, attempted to march down a road leading to the island’s port of Mytilene.

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