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Greece: Second Highest Record of Daily Coronavirus Cases, Five Deaths Tuesday

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On Tuesday, 416 new cases of the coronavirus, the second highest amount recorded in a 24-hour period, along with five deaths, were recorded in Greece.

There are currently 79 intubated patients in intensive care units around the country.

Of the new cases, 59 were discovered during testing of travelers at Greece’s points of entry, and 55 were linked to known outbreaks of the virus.

A shocking 240 of Tuesday’s cases were located in the region of Attica.

According to an official statement, the majority of cases in the region were discovered through rapid testing in the center of Athens conducted in neighborhoods that are home to a large number of migrants and refugees.

The total number of cases in Greece, including al those who have recovered from the disease, has now reached 18,123, of which 2,898 are linked to foreign travel and 7,479 to contact with an already-confirmed case.

The median age of the 79 intubated patients is 68, and just 19 are women. Such data has led experts to believe that men are more heavily impacted by the virus.

Just over 88% of those who are intubated are either over the age of 70 or have underlying health problems.

Tragically, 388 people with the virus have passed away in Greece. Just 144 were women. The median age of those who died with the virus is 78, and 96.6% of them were either over the age of 70 or suffered from underlying health conditions.

Graph showing the numbers of cases in Greece since the start of the pandemic. Credit: Greek Ministry of Health

An official graph released by the Greek Ministry of Health shows a dramatic rise in the number of cases from August through September.


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