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Greece Says Nation Will Defend its Sovereign Rights

Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas. File photo

“Greece is acting with confidence, certainty and absolute readiness,” government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said on Thursday during a briefing for political editors, in a clear reference to Ankara’s recent moves in the Mediterranean.

Petsas noted that Tuesday’s NAVTEX by Turkey constitutes an escalation of tensions in the region and demonstrates the neighbouring country’s insistence on delinquency, as well as its contempt for international law. “Greece will do whatever it takes to defend its sovereign rights,” the spokesman added.

On the two-year anniversary of the deadly fire in Mati, Petsas pointed out that the case is in the hands of the justiciar system and the investigation will reveal every aspect of the relevant issues. In addition, he spoke at some length about the actions taken by the government to make the verdant Athens suburb of Mati “a paradise” once again.

Regarding the decisions of the recent summit, Petsas spoke of a “historic day for Europe” and a “national success.”

Petsas announced that the government will proceed with the restructuring of the Central Council for Health with a relevant amendment, next week. “The submission of the amendment was deemed necessary after the vulgar behavior of main opposition SYRIZA deputy Mr. Markos yesterday in Parliament”, he added.

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