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Greece Remains Only “Green” Country On EU Coronavirus Map

coronavirus map
The ECDC’s comprehensive map, which combines positivity, testing, and notification rates. Credit: ECDC

Greece remains the only “green” country on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control’s (ECDC) coronavirus map showing each European country’s Covid-19 status.

The ECDC releases a series of maps each Thursday that indicate the epidemiological circumstances across Europe, based on data for the 14 days up to midnight on Tuesday of each week.

According to its most comprehensive map, which combines coronavirus positivity, testing, and notification rates, Greece remains the only European country with any “green” zones.

In the map, the whole country is currently “yellow,” indicating a moderate risk, except for the region of Epirus and the Ionian, Cyclades and Dodecanese archipelagos, which are “green.”

The ECDC’s previous comprehensive map, released on January 14, indicated similar findings.

Both then and now, Greece is the only European country with any “green” zones, as the vast majority of the countries are red, indicating high rates of new cases of Covid-19 across Europe.

Greece entirely “green” on coronavirus map measuring positivity rates

coronavirus map
The ECDC’s coronavirus map indicating positivity rates. Credit: ECDC

In the ECDC’s map measuring only the positivity rates across Europe, Greece is completely green.

The map measures the rate of positive coronavirus tests per 100,000 people in each European country. “Green” areas currently have a positivity rate of 4% or below.

All of Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Denmark, and Sweden are also green, while areas of Italy and Austria have also received the same positive designation.

Greece’s lockdown measures

The country’s coronavirus figures provide much-needed hope in a country that has been under a national lockdown for over two months.

Greece’s positive epidemiological situation led the nation’s officials to open up the country’s retail sector last week, albeit under strict safety measures.

All retail stores, including hair and nail salons, have been open for business since Monday.

Appointments are only needed when visiting hair and nail salons, and customers can shop freely, without an appointment, at all other retail stores.

In order to make their purchases, customers must send an SMS to the country’s toll-free number 13033 with the number 2, which was the code for making essential purchases, followed by their name and address.

Under the new measures, customers will have a total of two hours to shop after sending their SMS.

Additionally, there will be a limit to the amount of customers permitted inside of a store, depending on its dimensions, so that safe social distancing can be maintained.

Notably, the country’s curfew from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM will remain in effect. The use of masks in all indoor and outdoor settings, apart from one’s own home, is still mandatory.


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