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Greece Records 180 Coronavirus Cases, Five Deaths; New Attica Measures to be Announced Tuesday

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On Monday, Greece announced that 180 new cases of the coronavirus had been detected throughout the country, and there had been five new deaths.

Of Monday’s cases, just 22 were identified from known outbreaks and 21 were discovered during routine testing of visitors at Greece’s points of entry.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country since the beginning of the pandemic is 13,420, including all those who have recovered; a little over half (55.4%) of them are in men.

Cases related to foreign travel now number 2,419, and 5,789 have been linked to contact with a known case. The origin of the rest of the cases is unclear.

Currently, 59 Greeks who are suffering with the virus are intubated and the average age of these patients is 70. Only twelve of them are women, reflecting early research that shows the virus often impacts men more severely.

Among the intubated patients, 88.9% of whom are over the age of 70 with underlying conditions, is a 28-year-old man in Patra who suffers from no underlying health issues whatsoever.

Monday’s five deaths brings the total fatalities associated with the virus to 310. Just 112 of the people who tragically lost their lives are female. The median age of patients who passed away with the virus is 78, and the majority of them had underlying health issues.

After the alarming recent rise in the number of cases and intubated patients in the country, Greek government officials have begun to prepare new measures for heavily impacted areas of the country, including Attica.

The new measures are set to be announced Tuesday, according to Greek press reports.

Officials mentioned the recently-imposed three-week lockdown in Israel, where a startling increase in cases was recorded in the last week.

The situation in France, where over 10,000 new coronavirus cases were recorded in a single day on Saturday, was also mentioned as a cautionary tale, as stated in a number of reports in the Greek press.

Greek officials are concerned about the country’s potential for a major spike and resultant spread of the virus, worried once again, as they were in the Spring, that the country’s hospitals and ICUs could be overwhelmed.

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