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Greece Named Top Travel Destination for Sustainable Food

Photo Credit: Anastasios Papapostolou/Greek Reporter

The Lonely Planet publishing company listed Greece as the top destination in the entire world in the category of “Sustainable Food” on their “Best in Travel 2021” list released recently, which has been adapted to reflect current demands for environmentally-friendly tourism.

Luis Cabrera, President and CEO of Lonely Planet, which is the top travel source for those who seek out adventure and exploration, stated that the site’s list was reworked for 2021 in order to “(recognize) places and people demonstrating a genuine commitment to sustainability, community and diversity.”

Greece was placed at the very top spot for sustainable food destinations worldwide due to the country’s “organic produce markets, prolific wild herbs and island seafood hauls.”

Although sustainable food practices have only just recently come to the forefront of cultural consciousness globally, traditional Greek practices regarding food choice and preparation, which stem back millennia, are inherently sustainable in and of themselves.

Greek customers choosing foods at an outdoor produce market. Credit: Greek Reporter

Even today, Greeks naturally adapt their meals to the earth, using produce, seafood, and meats that are available locally and in season. Rather than making a dish with ingredients that are not in season, Greeks would prefer to wait, so that the dish will be even tastier.

It is also common for each town or region to have its own special dish, or its own version of a traditional Greek meal, which incorporates the varied produce, meat, or dairy that the area is known for.

Tavernas in the country also adapt their menus according to what is locally and seasonally available, as they serve produce, seafood, and meat that is in the market that same day, rather than having a static menu of the same dishes year-round.

These age-old cultural and traditional approaches to food, according to experts at the Lonely Planet, make Greece “an unintentional leader of the world’s most sustainable food locales.”

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