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Greece Mulls New Measures to Contain Spread of Covid-19

Greek authorities are considering to impose new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, following the recent spike in cases, the government spokesman warned on Friday.

Speaking to public broadcaster ERT, Stelios Petsas dismissed the theory that increased cases are the result of opening up Greece to foreign tourism and blamed complacency within the country.

“Complacency is the enemy,” he said. “Phenomena of an unacceptable relaxation [of safety rules], which led us to a decision for stricter measures, such as the mandatory use of a face mask in many indoor areas. This measure is expected to be extended, if we continue on this path,” he warned.

Instances of the coronavirus have been steadily increasing in July. After the numbers of new cases having stabilized somewhat in the previous weeks, in the last several days the number of new infections has jumped into the 60’s. On Thursday there have been a total of 65 new coronavirus cases detected across the country.

Petsas said that there has been an increase in cases in recent days – especially in urban centers – and that the possibility of additional measures in places where people congregate, such as bars, is being considered.

“It is something that the committee of experts is discussing, we don’t have a recommendation yet. But it is something we are looking at and on which we await new proposals.”

He added that a big source of concern was the non-observance of the measures on public transport. “That is why we will try to increase the number of routes. Staff leave scheduled for August is already being revoked, in order to increase the number of routes on buses, subways and trains and avoid overcrowding.”

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