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Greece Braces for New Heat Wave This Weekend

Credit: Greek Reporter

Greece’s National Meteorological Service issued a warning for unusually high temperatures throughout the country in the coming days.

In Attica, the highest maximum temperature values ​​will be noted for two days, Monday and Tuesday and are projected to reach 38 to 39 and possibly in places it will reach 40 degrees Celsius, but on the coast it will be 2 to 3 degrees lower.

In the mainland, during the three days Saturday, Sunday and Monday (29-31 of August), temperatures will be at 34 to 36 points, with the exception of the Cyclades, where temperature is not expected to exceed 33 points.

On Tuesday (01-09) in the Ionian it will show a drop of 3-4 degrees. But in the Aegean islands, levels will be higher and will reach 37 and probably 38 degrees in the Dodecanese and its islands.

On the mainland, on Saturday (29-08) temperatures will reach 37 and in places 38 degrees Celsius. On Sunday (30-08) it will be 38 degrees in the central and southern parts and in places temperatures will reach 39 degrees.

On Monday (31-08) temperatures will be at 39 degrees in the central and southern parts, and in places 40 and probably 41 degrees. On Tuesday (01-09), temperature in northern Greece will drop of 3-4 degrees, but in the rest of the country heat will remain at the same high levels.

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