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Greece Braces for More Snow, Sub-Zero Temperatures

Greece braces for more snow
Greece braces for more snow. Credit: Greek Reporter

Greece braces for more snow and sub-zero temperatures starting on Sunday evening, according to the National Observatory of Athens’ Meteo service.

The low barometric pressure will arrive from the west, in the third phase of the weather phenomenon “Leandros” that brought rain, snow and very low temperatures to Greece over the weekend.

Dense snow is expected in central and southern Greece as far south as the mountains of Crete, while southern islands and coastal areas should expect torrential rain.

Temperatures will remain low, while winds in the south Aegean might reach gale-force strength at 8 on the Beaufort scale, even rising to strong gale at 9, locally.

In Macedonia, temperatures are expected to range between -11C up to -3C, and in Central Greece between 2C and 7C. Crete will reach a maximum of 12C.

Attica should expect to see snow at mountains and north of the prefecture, with rain or sleet in other areas.

Wind velocity will range between 2 and 5 on the Beaufort scale and temperatures will range between 2C and 6C.

Thessaloniki will have more sunshine, but temperatures in the center of the city are expected to drop and range between -3C and 2C.

Roads shut in Attica

Roads at higher elevations in the Athens metropolitan area and others in Attica were shut down by Greek police after the “Leandros” cold front weather phenomenon brought snow, high winds and abrupt drops in temperature in most of Greece over the weekend.

As of Sunday, the following Attica avenues/streets are shut to traffic:

– Parnithos, from the funicular, in both directions
– The Alimos-Katechaki ring road from Kessariani’s Fire Station to Kalopoula
– Anapafseos in the eastern suburb of Papagou, from the cemetery up to Mt. Hymettus
– Fylis, from Kleiston Monastery towards Boeotia (Viotia)
– Tatoiou, 2 km after Anaktora towards Katsimidi
– Rural road of Agios Merkourios, from the Thea tavern to Ipokratios Politia
– Aristogitonos, at Pazaropoulou, from Afidnes area to Ipokratios Politia

Roads cleared in Central Macedonia

Almost all roads in Central Macedonia were opened to traffic on Sunday noon, as snow from the ‘Leandros’ weather phenomenon has been cleared, with the exception of two areas in the Thessaloniki metropolitan area.

Several roads however require snow chains on vehicles in Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, and Halkidiki areas because of snow or ice.

The two areas in Thessaloniki that remain shut include the Hortiatis-Agios Vassilios junction and the rural road of Melissochori-Oreokastro.

Source: AMNA

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