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Greece Announces Strict New Measures Against Coronavirus for Mainland and Islands


Greece’s Undersecretary of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced much stricter measures against the spread of the coronavirus as the nation grapples with a disturbing spike in numbers around the country.

Bars, caterers, restaurants and all other dining establishments where patrons sit down to eat in the entire Attica region will be forced to close their doors after midnight. Other places, such as take-out souvlaki and other take-out restaurants, are free to operate as usual. They are free to open up again at 7 AM the next morning.

On the Greek islands of Paros and Antiparos, magnets for both Greek and foreign vacationers, there will be a 50-person limit imposed on all weddings. That same limit is also imposed everywhere in the country which is considered “epidemiologically burdened,” where the number of infections has increased recently.

All those who are members of at-risk groups are obligated to work from home (telecommute) at least until August 24, when these measures will be revisited.

Hardalias, as Prime Minister Mitsotakis had done earlier in the day, singled out young people in Greece for special concern, urging them to take a great deal more care in how they conduct themselves, as those under 40 are now one of the fastest-growing groups of coronavirus victims.

The new measures on Paros and Antiparos will be in place from tomorrow morning to the 24th of August.

All shops and other concessions on Paros will now have to close their doors stores will close from 12 midnight.

There is now mandatory use of facemasks in all migrant and refugee camps and all other social facilities for immigrants.

There will be preventive laboratory testing for the coronavirus of all those who return from vacation in the care units of the elderly and those who work in places of entertainment.

Hardalias also stated that Greece will now recommendation using facemasks for a week, for all those returning from a trip to a busy, congested area.

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