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Greece Announces 359 New Coronavirus Cases; Nine Deaths in Last 24 Hours

Credit: Greek Reporter

The Greek health authorities announced on Tuesday that there were 359 cases of the coronavirus detected around the nation in the last 24 hours, along with nine deaths in those who had the virus.

On Wednesday, there were 312 cases, which in itself was an increase from the previous day’s total of 310.

The nine individuals who had suffered with Covid-19 and lost their lives in the past day equals the record for the most people who died with the virus in the first months of the pandemic, on April 5.

The total death toll of all those who have succumbed with the virus is now 325. There was a corresponding increase in the number of those who are now intubated, which has now reached 69, two more than Wednesday’s total.

Only 21 of today’s new cases are associated with known outbreaks and only 36 were detected in checks at the country’s entrance points.

Today’s figures bring the total of all those who have had the coronavirus to 14,400, including all those who have recovered. Just over half, or 55.6%, of those individuals are male.

A total of 2,500 of these are now connected to foreign travel and 6,070 are related to an already-known case.

The median age of all those who are currently intubated is 69 years; 21 of these individuals are women. The majority, or 87%, of intubated patients suffer from an underlying disease or are aged 70 or over.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, a total of 178 people have been released form ICUs across the country.

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