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Greece: 286 New Cases, Three Deaths on Friday, New Measures Introduced

Credit: Greek Reporter

Greek Officials announced that their health authorities had detected 286 new cases of Covid-19, and there had been three deaths with the virus on Friday.

Of the 286 cases, 31 have been connected to known outbreaks, and 37 were discovered during routine testing at Greece’s points of entry. The majority of the cases, 163, were recorded in Attica.

In total, there have been 16,913 recorded cases in Greece since the start of the pandemic, including all those individuals who have recovered. Just 2,763 of these are thought to be the result of foreign travel. Out of the total cases, 7,028 have been linked to contact with another known case.

Currently, there are 63 patients with the virus who are intubated in Greek hospitals. The median age of these patients is 69, and just 15 of them are women.

The majority, 87.3% of them, are over the age of 70 or have underlying health issues.

As of Friday, a total of 369 people have passed away with the virus in Greece. Just 138 of the fatalities were women. The median age of those who have passed away with the virus is 78, and 97% of them were over the age of 70 or had underlying health issues.

It was also announced that from Saturday onward, kiosks and mini markets which serve alcohol, which typically remain open either all night or until the early hours of the morning, will be closed from midnight to 5 AM.

This new measure, which is only in effect for areas heavily impacted by the virus, such as Attica, Chalkidiki, and Mykonos, is in place to avoid crowding around the kiosks and mini markets which do serve alcohol.

Concern has recently been raised over scenes of young people gathering in squares and around kiosks to buy alcohol in the early morning hours after the bars had closed at midnight.

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