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France Partners with Cyprus in Joint Anti-Aircraft Defense Exercise

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France partnered with the Republic of Cyprus in testing its anti-aircraft defense capabilities in a joint military exercise which was conducted across the free territories of the Republic on Monday.

Numerous French ”Rafale” fighter jets pretended to be trying to hit Cypriot targets, while the Cypriot anti-aircraft defense was tasked with locating, ”locking” on to, and then hindering the supposed enemy aircraft in their attacks.

The French fighter jets soared in the Cypriot skies after taking off from the French Navy’s aircraft carrier ”Charles de Gaulle,” which has been positioned for weeks inside Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone.

As the Cypriot edition of Kathimerini daily reported, Cyprus’ Defense Minister Savvas Angelides expressed his satisfaction with this joint Franco-Cypriot exercise.

The Minister also announced that Cyprus will conduct many more such joint military exercises with France in the near future.

These will include, among others, activities regarding the anti-aircraft defense of the island, employing units from the Navy and the Air Force.


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