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Enchanting Prassa Beach on the Cyclades’ Kimolos Island

Prassa Beach. Source: Kimolos island Municipality

Kimolos Island is a beautiful small island in the Cyclades archipelago located next to Milos Island. Kimolos is known for its spectacular beaches and crystal clear waters as well as its scenic architecture.

The ancient name of the island means “white stone,” but this idyllic destination has also historically been known as “Echinoussa” (“island of the sea urchins”), because of its waters, which are full of life.

During the Middle Ages, Frankish and Venetian sailors were known to call the island “Argentiere,” which means “Silver Island,” presumably because of its silver-white stones and sands.

Until recently, Kimolos had not received as much attention as other Greek islands as a vacation destination. However, it is now shaping up to be one of the hottest alternative destinations in Greece.

Kimolos has undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Called Prassa, its white sands continue far out into the turquoise waters, enticing visitors to spend leisurely summer days on loungers under umbrellas or along the undeveloped areas of the shoreline.

Sea caves can also be found under the church of Saint George (Agios Georgios), where endangered monk seals are known to breed every autumn. The seas surrounding Kimolos are home to numerous types of fish, dolphins, sea turtles, sea urchins and corals.

Entire meadows of Posidonia oceanica, a vibrant green underwater vegetation known as “Neptune Grass,” thrive under the water surrounding the island as well.

Prassa Beach on Kimolos. Source: Photo taken by: George Ant. Ventouris
Prassa Beach, Kimolos, as seen from nearby cliffs. Source: Photo taken by: George Ant. Ventouris
Prassa Beach, Kimolos, during the height of the summer season. Source: Photo taken by: George Ant. Ventouris

Prassa beach is organized but there is also ample space available for those who want to put down their own umbrella and chairs. The beach is a great choice for families, because it is so well-protected from the elements; even if it is windy, there are few waves.

To add to its charm, Kimolos Beach also has a lending library for those who wish to while away the hours with a good book. A boat, painted with a logo stating “No to plastic” stands upright in the sand, filled with books arranged neatly on its shelves.

The beach library project is made possible by the AC Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, as part of their program called “SeaChange Greek Islands,” which is aimed at protecting the marine environment and reducing plastics.

Why not consider taking the whole family on a trip to this quiet and out of the way beach, for a relaxing — and edifying — vacation this summer?

The adorable boat-shaped lending library at Kimolos Beach. Source: TripAdvisor


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