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Disturbing New Record Set as Greece Posts 262 New Coronavirus Infections, Two Deaths

Greece’s National Health Authority, or EODY, reported on Wednesday that there were 262 new coronavirus infections detected across the country in the last 24 hours, representing a new record high number of cases.

In keeping with the new, disturbing trend seen over the last several weeks, only 22 of these cases were detected at the entrance points and border gates of the country; all the rest were of domestic origin.

In addition, there were two more deaths over the last day, bringing the total number of fatalities for Greece to 216. Just seventy-three of these individuals were women. The average age of all those who died with the virus was 76 years and 95.8% suffered from an underlying disease and / or were age 70 and over.

The total number of cases diagnosed throughout the country, including all those who have recovered from the virus, is now 6,177, 54.8% of which are men.

A total of 1,528, or 24.7%, of these cases are believed to have been contracted from foreign travel; 3,002, or 48.6%, are known to be related to an already-registered case.

Currently, 24 Greek citizens are being treated by intubation in ICUs across the country. The average age of these patients is 63 years. Only eight, or 33.3%, are women and the rest are men. Just over half, or 54.2%, suffer from an underlying disease or are older than 70 years of age.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 132 patients have been discharged from ICUs in Greece.

As Greek Reporter noted in a previous story on Wednesday, 36 new coronavirus cases were reported at an Asvestochori, Thessloniki nursing home alone today.

Greece’s most preeminent epidemiologist, Dr. Sotiris Tsiodras, rushed to the scene outside Greece’s largest city to assess the situation there. In explaining how the outbreak occurred, he admitted to reporters “In this nursing home we have a major epidemic, although they followed the measures and despite the fact that they did not have visitors for days.”

As a result of very rapid and efficient contact tracing, Tsiodras was able to report that “Patient Zero,” or the one responsible for the spread to others at the facility, has already been discovered.

That individual is an employee of the nursing home who had a close contact with a confirmed case of the coronavirus. That contact, a young person who had attended a concert, was located in Halkidiki, according to Tsiodras.

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