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Covid-19: 516 Cases, 27 Deaths Recorded in Greece Wednesday

Credit: Greek Reporter

A total of 516 Covid-19 cases were diagnosed in Greece on Wednesday, 50 fewer than the 566 cases that were recorded in the country one day earlier, on Tuesday.

Tragically, 27 people with the virus passed away in the country over the past 24 hour period, which is three fewer than those recorded yesterday.

Currently, 300 patients with Covid-19 are now intubated in Greece, 20 fewer than those who were intubated in the country on Tuesday.

A large portion of Wednesday’s cases were diagnosed in the areas surrounding Greece’s two largest urban centers — Athens and Thessaloniki.

In Attica, home to the capital city of Athens, there were 230 cases, 69 of which were diagnosed in the center of Athens. A total of 43 new cases were recorded in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city.

Total 1,044 Covid-19 patients discharged from Greece’s ICUs

In total, 149,973, cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, including all those who have recovered from the virus.

Of this total, 5,805 are associated with foreign travel, and 46,011 are associated with contact with a known case.

Of the 300 patients intubated currently, 86.7% are over the age of 70 or suffer from preexisting conditions. Their median age is 68, and 213 of the patients are male.

A total of 1,044 patients have been discharged from ICUs around the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

The 27 new deaths recorded on Wednesday bring the total number of fatalities in the country to 5,545. Of all those who lost their lives after suffering from the virus, a total of 3,271 have been male.

The median age of those who passed away with Covid-19 is 79, and 95.4% of them were over the age of 70 or suffered from underlying health issues.

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