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Coronavirus Live Updates: Greece Holds its Breath as Tens of Millions of Italians are in Quarantine

As Italy announced that more than sixteen million people will be quarantined in a total of fifteen provinces of the country, Greece’s Health authorities announced on Sunday afternoon that seven new cases of the Covid19 coronavirus were diagnosed, raising the total number to 73. Of the 73 infected, 58 were affiliated with a worship group in Israel and Egypt.

Live Updates on Monday

11:40: Cartoonist Elias Makris captured the twin challenges Greece faces for Kathimerini newspaper.

11:30: The Greek Olympic committee said it was drastically scaling back accreditations “to those absolutely necessary”, limiting festivities and cancelling all event dinners and galas at Ancient Olympia, where the flame for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is scheduled to be lit on 12 March.

11:15: The Greek government is expected to announce economic measures related to the disease outbreak Monday.

11:05: The Athens Stock Exchange plunged 13 percent in early trading, as investors worldwide react to the coronavirus and the oil price war launched by Saudi Arabia overnight.

10:50: The mayor of the city of Pyrgos in Peloponnese revealed that people who were asked to stay at home as being suspect of carrying the coronavirus infection are ignoring calls to stay isolated and are freely walking in the city. Speaking to Skai TV, Panagiotis Antonakopoulos said that many of the relatives of the group who were diagnosed as carriers after they traveled to Israel and Egypt are behaving in an “irresponsible way.”

10:40: A worker at Israel’s embassy in Athens has been diagnosed with the coronavirus and appears to have passed the pathogen to two family members, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced Monday. The worker was on the same flight from Tel Aviv to Athens as a group of Greek tourists who visited Israel and the West Bank and were later found to have contracted the virus.

10:20: A swathe of northern Italy was sealed off Monday as authorities struggled to contain the spread and impact of the deadly coronavirus. An area that is home to around a quarter of Italy’s population was effectively shuttered – including the cities of Milan and Venice – mimicking a lockdown at the centre of the outbreak of the disease in China. Tens of millions of people are in virtual quarantine, but there are fears that the disease may spread further.

10:10: Greece announced on Sunday a set of new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus: These are:

  • Nationwide suspension of the operation of all Open Care Centers for the Elderly, known in Greece as ΚΑΠΗ, for four weeks.
  • No conference to be held in the country for four weeks.
  • All school trips are now banned for the next two weeks.
  • Additionally, schools will be shutting down in areas where the outbreak is getting serious.
  • All sporting events to be conducted behind closed doors for the next two weeks.

10:00: There are almost 110,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins. The total is currently 109,965. The total number of deaths from the virus stands at 3,824.

Of the infections:

80,735 are in Mainland China

7,375 are in Italy

7,313 are in South Korea

6,566 are in Iran

1,209 are in France

1,040 are in Germany.

Spain has the next highest number of cases, with 673, followed by the US with 547.

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