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Choosy Migrants Turn Down Free Accommodation at Greek Monastery (video)

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A group of migrants turned down on Thursday free accommodation in a monastery in western Greece offered by the authorities.

Dozens arrived with buses provided for by the authorities at the monastery of Poretsos in the mountainous Elis (Ilia) region, but after inspecting the place they decided to leave.

Some of them said that the accommodation provided “was not good” and that conditions were far was better in the infamous migrant camp of Moria in the island of Lesvos.

”It is very, very small” a woman said in front of the camera, adding that she wants to go back to Moria.

Most of the migrants and asylum seekers that arrived at the monastery were nationals of sub-Saharan African countries, such as Somalia and Sudan, while others were from Iraq or other Asian nations. Only a handful were Syrian refugees.

Videos uploaded by local websites, showed the migrants “inspecting” the premises and saying ”no good, no good”.

There is still no official confirmation of where the next destination of the migrants was, but reports on local websites suggest that the buses took them to other migrant facilities.




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