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Buildings Collapse as 6.7 Earthquake Hits Greek Island of Samos

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 on the Richter scale hit the island of Samos on Friday afternoon, leading residents to run into the streets and triggering fears of a tsunami.

Lasting for a prolonged time, the temblor was very shallow at a depth of only 2 kilometers (1.24 miles), and was felt just before noon all around the nation of Greece.

The epicenter of the earthquake which jolted the entire nation was on the island of Samos but the temblor was felt not only in Attica but also on Rhodes, Syros, Crete and other parts of the country. The coastal city of Smyrna, on the Turkish coast, suffered many damages, according to early reports.

On Samos some buildings were damaged, including a church.

Authorities are now evacuating residents from the port of Samos because experts are fearing a tsunami may occur as well.

The mayor of eastern Samos, George Stantzos, speaking to Greek media said that the authorities were attempting to “organize the situation, with all services, as much as we can. We are on the side of the residents. The next hours are crucial.”

Other media reports quote the mayor of western Samos, Alexandros Lymperis, as saying “We have a very strong earthquake as we learned 6.7 on the Richter scale, near us. In the center where I am, people have taken to the streets and fortunately they are calm.

“We are trying to stay close to the ground. We are all in the square and not inside buildings. I believe that in a little while we will have an assessment by the police and the services for any damages. The buildings seem to have endured.

He urged resident to “Calm down,” not only because the duration of the earthquake was long but because it was also expected that there will be aftershocks.

One resident, speaking to MEGA TV, reported that there had been damage to homes on Samos.

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