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Bishop of Corfu Calls on People to Thwart Rules, Receive Communion in Churches

The Orthodox Bishop of Corfu, Nektarios. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The string of dangerous and reckless statements by high-ranking members of the Orthodox Church of Greece seemingly have no end during the coronavirus pandemic, as Nektarios, the Bishop of Corfu, urged people recently to lie to the state, break the curfew and go to church.

In a speech he gave on Wednesday, which was made public on Friday by Corfu TV and the radio station of the Diocese of Corfu and Paxoi, Bishop Nektarios bemoaned the fact that the state allows people to go out for exercise or take their dogs for a walk, but not to go to the Church and receive Communion.

”So, get yourself permission to go out for exercise and come to the church to take Holy Communion, to pray,” the Bishop urged.

The bishop went on to seemingly espouse a common conspiracy theory making the rounds globally when he claimed that this current situation is a ”rehearsal for a global dictatorship.”

The maverick bishop also admitted that he had ordered his diocese’s churches not only to conduct liturgies but also to open their doors and allow people to come in and receive Communion together.

There has been no official reaction on behalf of the state in response to Nektarios’ remarks, but it is believed that the Bishop may well share the same fate as the Bishop of Kythera, who was arrested one week ago for conducting a liturgy despite the ban imposed by the state.

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