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Beekeeper Explains Why Greek Honey Is the Best in the World

Greek honey. Credit: Greek Reporter / Anastasios Papapostolou

Many say that Greek honey is the best in the world, not only in terms of taste, but also because of its nutritional benefits.

We visited a 4th generation honey farmer on the Greek island of Evia, to see how this amazing product is produced and why it is considered one of the best superfoods worldwide

“All countries produce good natural honey, but they are inferior to Greek honey,” notes Dimitris Papapostolou, whose great-grandfather started harvesting honey in Northern Evia more than a hundred-years ago. Today he continues the family tradition and even ships greek honey worldwide at

Dimitris Papapostolou is a beekeeper on Evia Island, Greece.

Greek honey is unique because of Greece’s specific flora and its variety in certain trees, as well as the climate that allows for the necessary microorganisms to live on these trees.

“In certain cases like in pine honey and fir honey the bees are fed from the microrganisms that live only on these trees and not from the actual tree,” says Papapostolou.

“You may find the trees anywhere in the world, but they won’t have the microorganisms necessary in order for the bees to make honey.”

Watch our short doc on Greek honey:



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