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Archaeologists Blast Decision to Cement Sections of the Acropolis

Works on Acropolis. Credit: Destine Makropoulou/Facebook

Archaeologists have severely criticized the decision of the Ministry of Culture to cement several parts of the Acropolis archaeological site, stirring reactions on social media as well.

Pictures of cemented Acropolis are circulating on social media and receiving negative comments.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the cementing of certain areas is part of a project called “Configuration of Routes in the archaeological site of the Acropolis for people with mobility difficulties.”

The project has been unanimously approved in May by the Central Archaeological Council (KAS) and includes an elevator for the disabled.

The official Ministry of Culture response says, inter alia, “The disabled, the elderly, people with various problems have the right to see and admire up close the Acropolis monuments.”

The official statement also says that “for twenty years, these routes have been paved with cement. The difference is that over time and with millions of visitors walking on them, all these years, the material has been destroyed and the routes are a trap even for those who do not have mobility difficulties.”

The Ministry of Culture further says that along with the new elevator, the routes will help people who until now had difficulties visiting the monument. Furthermore, the paving material has been approved by KAS and pertinent ministry agencies.

The archaeologists argue that the routes for the disabled could have been made by more environmentally-friendly materials instead of cement.

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