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A Sampling of Greece’s Wonderful Bounty of Fruits

Greece’s is one of the top countries in the entire world in the number and variety of fruits it produces. File photo

When it comes to fruit, Greece offers among the best anywhere on the globe, with its assortment of fresh fruits and juices which is second to none. Both rich in fiber and vitamins, these wonders of the earth also provide hydration to help you endure the Greek summer’s hot temperatures.

Fruit not only helps to detoxify the body, it contains a large amount of water, helping to keep yourself cool and hydrated — something which is ultra important in the sultry heat of Greece.

One of Greece’s spectacularly lovely peach orchards, with the trees in full blossom in the Spring. Photo by Alexandros Malapetsas as featured in AMNA

Watermelons are a staple dessert for many Greek tavernas and restaurants, with many of them serving the delectable fruit as a gesture of hospitality. And often, truth be told, that is absolutely all one could possibly eat after indulging in a fabulous Greek dinner at a seaside taverna.

Often served with wine, watermelon makes an excellent desert after having experienced the delights of fine dining in Greece. Photo:

Many beachgoers in Greece will bring watermelon to the shore to be able to enjoy its sweetness there. Most watermelons in Greece are produced mainly in the western Peloponnesian peninsula. An equally popular fruit is melon or cantaloupe, which is a rich, peachy gold in color and equally sweet in both taste and aroma.

Smaller fruits such as apricots, peaches, nectarines and cherries are delicious fruits that can be found in growing during the summertime across many regions of the country.

Cherries and other smaller fruits can be enjoyed at restaurants and also conveniently bought from local vendors or small stores. Photo:

Just like watermelon, these smaller fruits can be the perfect portable afternoon snack. They  are also more commonly found and incorporated into various desserts and sweets in Greece. The fresh peach juice in Greece is like no other anywhere and simply must be tasted to be believed.

During late August and early September, figs and grapes become a common delicacy across Greece and its many islands, with many trees draping their heavy-laden branches along the roadsides.

Figs are one of the most common fruits in Greece, growing in many groves across the country. Photo: Feast Catering

These fruits are very accessible to one and all, and are easy to pick during strolls in the countryside for one to taste for their own enjoyment. Grapes have been harvested for many thousands of years in Greece’s village vineyards, used in their raw form or for wine making and as the base for the liqueur Tsipouro.

Despite being known for its stellar summer fruits, Greece certainly doesn’t lack for those which ripen during the Fall and Winter time. Oranges, mandarins, kiwis and lemons are some of the most famous citrus fruits that are produced in the Peloponnese, Laconia and Crete.

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