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A Cat Hijacks Greek Evening News Interview for Coronavirus

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A cat appeared out of nowhere on the TV screen during a live discussion with a coronavirus expert on a Greek news program on Saturday evening, reminding everybody of the perils of appearing on television from home.

The unexpected incident happened while professor of infectious diseases, Nikos Sypsas, was speaking in the main news bulletin of SKAI TV about the course of the pandemic.

As the expert was analyzing the dangers of opening schools, his cat jumped in front of the camera. Sypsas gently pushed her away and apologized. The cat was heard meowing in protest.

Watch the incident at 3:55 of the video:

During the coronavirus times, when most TV guests appear on live transmissions sitting in front of their computers at home, the potential for shambles is real, especially when there are children or pets around.

Appearing on TV from home has provided viewers with hilarious scenes. In 2017, Robert Kelly, a British professor was famously interrupted by his children as he was giving a BBC interview.

The video of the family went viral after the children strutted into the room and began to cause havoc, before his wife dragged them out and he began to apologize profusely.

In another incident in July 2020, Dr Clare Wenham, from South London, appeared on BBC News to discuss the coronavirus crisis when her daughter Scarlett began rearranging a unicorn picture behind her – and even struck up a conversation with the newsreader.

After Dr Wenham apologized, Scarlett remained in the room and began rearranging a shelf behind her, trying to figure out where to put her painting.

Of course everybody remembers meteorologist Paul Dellegatto who was interrupted by his dog Brody. Here’s a throwback to April 2020 when Brody stole the show on Fox News.

Earlier, in 2020, an Italian priest left social media users in hysterics after he inadvertently turned his phone’s filters on and was transformed into a wolf and boxer while celebrating Mass online.

In the hilarious video, the unnamed Italian priest could be heard addressing his online congregation during a live-stream while several cartoon photo filters are projected onto his face.

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